Courses for Teachers, Mentors & Trainers

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TMT100 – Multicultural Education and Inclusivity

Multicultural education and inclusivity is still one of the main issues that face teachers in the 21st century. Due to the diversity in our schools a mono cultural approach is still a dominant factor in all children’s lives. This session will look at ways in which teachers, trainers and mentors can change their methods of instruction to engage those from minority groups.

TMT110 – Student Behavioural Problems in Primary and Secondary Education

This section will take a deeper look into the behaviours – demonstrated by many children throughout the educational system. This training session will look at sleeping patterns, eating habits and socialisation tools used by parents and carers to establish a social developmental approach to nurturing and childcare.

TMT115 – Learning Disorders and Special Educational Needs

Learning disorders are more common now than ever before. This training session will look into introducing to teachers, trainers, and mentors – these learning disorders that impact the learning environment of children in schools as well as at home. Some of the learning disorders we will look at will be dyslexia, hyperlexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. We will explain these learning disorders and assist you by introducing effective methods and strategies in teaching and socialisation skills.

TMT120 – Academic Excellence for Students and Exceptional Teaching Methods for Tutors

This section will look at some of the pioneers in teaching and learning and to see and show some of the techniques used in order to develop and to increase attention spans in students. Most of these teachers who created educational excellence in their students used emotional skills in incorporating them into the instructional methods programme in which they used in their delivery.

TMT130 – Dyslexic Students and Kits Available

This training is taught to postgraduate students at Cardiff University. It looks not just at the types of learning disorders but it also examines psychological assessments and psychiatric evaluations in learning once they are selected for Special Education. It also does demonstration on computerised software’s that are used by those students and teachers that have learning disorders.

TMT135 – Presenting in Front of an Audience with Confidence and Buoyancy

This training session will look at different forms of presentations and how we as teachers, trainers and mentors can be confident when we present. Skills and tips for better presentations will be demonstrated in this training session along with confidence building, motivational skills and stress reduction.

TMT145 – Teacher, Trainer and Mentor Relations with their Students

Working with difficult children is not a walk in the park, and many teachers, trainers and mentors who face this experience usually suffer in silence due to the lack of support offered in their respective establishments. This session will explore in great details ways in which this experience can be considerably reduced; by using transactional analysis and conflict resolutions.

TMT150 – The Tai Chi of Teaching and Learning

The Tai Chi of teaching is an approach that allows you to work with the emotional energy of the child through education and learning. This course is for TA’s, mentors, teachers, trainers and any other person who wishes to engage in homework clubs and supplementary schools.