About Our Lifestyle Coaching Programme

Consultation Sevice

ACAP Academy are qualified and experienced life coach trainers in the Cardiff area who are here to offer our clients or delegates the very best service coaching can buy. Just like a personal fitness trainer who helps to improve your body, likewise a life coach practitioner works on the persons’ mind, behaviour, attitude, spirit and soul for instant and achievable results.

Why not book a free consultation then go onto one of our many coaching programmes for intrinsic and extrinsic success.

Our drop-in consultation services are all free; either by telephone or in person. All our consultations last no longer than an hour per perspective client. If after our consultation you decide to partake in any of our coaching programmes, then we will construct a written report within 7 days, on your thoughts, concerns, requests and requirements you provided us during your consultation. We will then make available our professional written recommendations which will then be allocated towards your own personal coaching series.

Why not contact us even if you are unsure, we are trained guidance adult counsellors and we give you honest advice without any hard selling tactics what are used by telesales representatives. What do you have to lose, except gaining significant results from our coaching themes we have on offer? Please don’t hesitate call us today.
(RIGHT: Former coaching students in Confidence Building & Presentation skills Rebecca Pell & Kirsty Warren)

Academic Background

Our life coach practitioners are qualified to the Postgraduate and PhD level and now use their acquired Knowledge/skills to enhance the life of people in a time when self-esteem and confidence has become a major obstacle within our daily lives.

Our academic backgrounds consist of: economics, behavioural science, childhood development, education, parenting skills, cognitive psychology, physiology, sociology, anthropology, human biology, cultural history, philosophy, stress management, transactional analysis, food science, media & advertisement, unconscious bias, social psychology, organisational skills, time management, money matters, neuro linguistic programming, conflict resolution, symbolic interactions, love and affection in relationships and self actualisation just to name but a few. We deliver these sessions in our intensive courses or in our one to one interactive programmes.

Life Coaching Techniques

Our health relationship scale (mental, physical, social) will help us monitor accurately your behaviour with yourselves, then our family, and then towards your locality, then within the society you work and live. Health sociologists are of the opinion that positive or negative stimuli are dependent on influences or interventions received or taken by us as agents or social actors. Structure and Agency or Autonomy and Paternalism play a major factor in the way we make decisions and how these outcomes affect us in the short or long term.

As life coaching practitioners we consider the 4 aspects of your being – an important base into looking at the receptive and transmission forces of verbal and non verbal forms of communication; within or between these institutions and how we as individuals interpret this information and act on them. As a sociologist practitioner by profession, we consider by life coaching our clients in developing them through our series as: healthy individuals, healthy families, healthy localities and healthy societies to ensure a healthy lifestyle in joining the 3 mechanical components with you, which are the physical, biological and psychological well being of your identity.

Coaching Themes

As life coach practitioners there are various lifestyle themes we approach in our group seminars or in our exclusive our one to one sessions. Some of the coaching themes we use are as follows:

  • Mature students
  • Returning to learning
  • Meaning of life
  • Life challenges
  • Study skills
  • Increasing Knowledge
  • Personal adjustment
  • Burnout experiences
  • Rustout expressions
  • Presentation skills
  • Mentoring skills
  • Dissertation presentations
  • Managing stress levels
  • Self awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Personal identity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Confidence building
  • Organisational skills
  • Lesson plans
  • Curriculum designing
  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual journeying
  • Knowledge and study
  • Memory improvement
  • Creativity
  • Upward mobility
  • Relationship enhancement

There are certain themes that stand out, which ones are the most important for you! Choose from our list of themes in order to create your unique and specific coaching programme that will change your life forever. Or you can go for our already made packages that are sited in each payment plan if you are unable to choose exactly what you want.

Professional Block or Multiple Coaching Programmes

All our sessions consist of a complete written report after the first initial consultation outlining your present state along with your requirements you suggest that will work on your behalf. This is followed by a series of recommendations from us on what type of coaching practices will be specifically allocated to you and your needs. After each session you will be given a series of practical, theoretical, written and reflective exercises to complete before our next meeting which will be based on those slight improvements, aptitude and positive thoughts you had initiated in your own time through the change of behaviour and attitudes

Hourly Coaching Rate: (£124)

1 hour consultation, face to face interactive sessions, 2 half hour phone conferences any time, select life coaching themes, reflective sessions, evaluation forms, self assessment, daily journals

1 Month Coaching Rate: (£500)

Choose from the coaching themes above. 1 hour weekly sessions, reflective daily journals, self evaluation and practical implementation on selected themes and personal development.

6 Weeks Coaching Rate: (£700)

1 hour weekly sessions, 6 contact meetings, one to one sessions, 6 half hour calls each week, confidence building techniques, knowledge creativity, coping strategies, innovative engagement, positive trajectories, agency and autonomy, reflective journal recordings, self assessments, evaluation forms and practical applications.

3 Months coaching Rate Pack: (£1,400.00)

1 hour weekly meetings, 12 contact sessions, motivational techniques, coping strategies, confidence building, creative visualisation, self actualisation, cognitive development, intrinsic development, stress reduction, inner peace and futuristic development processing techniques.

6 Months Coaching Rate Pack: (£2,900.00)

1 hour weekly consultations, 24 contact meetings, face to face interactive sessions, half hour weekly mentoring calls, structured weekly plans, self evaluation forms, inner development, self reflective assessments, neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress reduction.