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our courses offer a high standard and quality of CPD packages for all levels of education organisation, from universities and colleges to schools and community organisations.

Life Coaching

A life coach practitioner works on the persons’ mind, behaviour, attitude, spirit and soul for instant and achievable results.

Positive Parenting

Giving sound advice to all parents on dealing with education and managing behaviour in a positive way

Assisting Your Child's Education

Helping parents to advance themselves as teachers from within the home so to increase the academic performance of their children.

Teachers, Mentors and Trainers

A range of courses are available to further educate teachers, trainers and mentors. Working from a wide base of experience and material.

Positively Parenting Children in the Home

This course helps to develop a direct approach in gaining a desired behaviour and improving a child's self-esteem.

Understanding Childhood Development

This course develops the relationship between parent & child and formulates a more direct approach in gaining a desired behaviour.

Family, Friends and Relationships

This course delves into the issues parents face in a relationship and how to cope or survive them, when the relationship has terminated and we still need to be parents or carers.

Black & African History

Our ‘Black & African History’ courses are designed so that we can better understand the full social aspects that influenced black history.

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Understanding Parent & Childhood Development

  • Emotional Development
  • Understanding Family Structures and Functions
  • Mental Health Issues and its Societal Implications
  • Balanced Parenting Style
  • Aggressive Parenting Style
  • Passive Parenting Style
  • Disconnected Parenting Style
  • Understanding Disruptive Behaviours
  • Children’s Brain Development

Supporting Your Child’s Education

  • Early Educational Socialisation
  • Learning Through Play
  • Understanding The Sensory System
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Helping Children Read
  • Bedtime Patterns
  • Food For Thought
  • Motivation in Education
  • Understanding Intelligence
  • Learning Through Technology

Life Coaching

£124 per hour
£500 per month
£700 6 weeks
  • 1 hour consultation
  • face to face sessions
  • 2x30mins phone conferences any time
  • select life coaching themes
  • reflective sessions
  • evaluation forms
  • daily journals