Educational courses offered from ACAP Academy CIC

A broad spectrum of information and courses in education

Offering a range of courses and training, ACAP Academy CIC deliver an outstanding level of teaching and training service to all levels of student.

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We Offer Courses In:

Positive Parenting:

Brought together from a number of different academics and a wide range of research, our positive parenting courses explore different aspects and parenting methods.

Teachers, Mentors and Trainers:

How do we offer an exceptional level of training to our students? Our courses in teaching, mentoring and training walk through the different methods in reaching outstanding outcomes for all students

Black & African History:

An in-depth walk through black and African history, discussing socio-economic factors that influenced black struggle, including a history of black history in Wales

New Course Available in 2019: Positive Parenting Courses

-Assisting Your Child in Education
-Positively Parenting Children in the Home
-Understanding Childhood Development
-Family, Friends and Relationships

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