Experienced educational consultants in South Wales

Working from the ground up to develop education

At ACAP Academy CIC, we have over 30 years of training experience. We have worked with international companies, higher education institutes and have marked ourselves as being a ‘Communiversity Academy’. This means you can have a large level of trust in our high level education programmes and CPD packages.

What do we do as ‘Educational Consultants’?

We’re an education and training provider who offer a high standard and quality of CPD packages for all levels of education organisation, from universities and colleges to schools and community organisations.

For more information regarding our educational consultant work offered within Cardiff and South Wales, contact ACAP Academy CIC on:


Our education training and workshops include information on:

  • Dyslexic Students and Kits Available with Demos (PGCE/PCET CPD • • Training Cardiff Uni)
  • Oral Dissertation Presentations (Access and Undergraduates Cardiff Uni)
  • Educating Dyslexic Students (Communities First)
  • Childhood Development (Communities First)
  • Behavioural Disorders and Education
  • Positive Parenting in the 21st Century
  • Advance Mentoring Skills
  • Motivation and Aspiration in Business
  • Management and Conflict Resolution in the Work Place.
  • Race and Ethnic Diversity Training
  • Teacher Training Seminars
  • Islamic History
  • Black and African History
  • Life Coaching

New Course Available in 2019: Positive Parenting Courses

-Assisting Your Child in Education
-Positively Parenting Children in the Home
-Understanding Childhood Development
-Family, Friends and Relationships

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